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With travel-related websites and apps being on the constant rise, future airline schedule data is the one main thing businesses need to power their online services. Aviyair provides this data via its Future Airline Schedules API. The aim of the API is to provide complete airline schedule data based on a given future date with the ability to filter flights by airline. This way, when you integrate the API, it will return your clients a complete list of flights to choose from. But of course, the use cases of this API are not limited to one.

Access the Future Airline Schedules data today to discover what this API can do, how it can benefit your business and read about the highlights for developers to spark ideas.

The Future Airline Schedules API is a JSON REST API that allows integration using any major programming language. With its global coverage, you can make an API request for any airline. To filter the complete schedules based on an airline, simply add one parameter to the endpoint:[API-KEY]&airport_iata=XXX&type=departure&date=YYYY-MM-DD&airline_iata=AA

Keep in Mind: The airport IATA code, schedule type (departure or arrival) and date are obligatory fields for the Future Airline Schedules API. Further filters such as status, airline, flight number can be used to fetch the exact data you are looking for without having to filter this on your end!

See all available request parameters, example input and output fields and much more for getting the right future airline schedule data, in our documentation. Have anything else in mind? Contact us anytime and we will get back to you.

Integrate the future airline timetables data and get these details for each flight in the output via powerful API:

  • Weekday: Day of the week requested, 1 being Monday
  • Departure details: Airport IATA and ICAO codes, departure terminal, gate and originally scheduled departure time of the flight
  • Arrival details: Airport IATA and ICAO codes, departure terminal, gate and originally scheduled arrival time of the flight
  • Aircraft mode: Model code and full text
  • Airline details: Commercial name, airline IATA and ICAO code
  • Flight details: Flight number in IATA and ICAO format and without the airline code
  • Codeshared flights: Codeshared details if the flight is operated by another airline (codeshared

(Looking for historical or real-time airline schedule data as well? Check out ourĀ Historical Airline Schedules API and the Real-time Airline Schedules API)

Use Cases for the Future Airline Timetables API

  • Travel platforms: Travel-related websites, travel planning services, OTAs and more can benefit from the Future Airline Timetables API to build flight selection features. Your users can select a departure/arrival airport (or city) and a date, see all available flights and compare the best route.
  • Travel agencies: The future airline schedule data allows for building solutions that offer personalized travel planning experiences for your clients.
  • Airport services: Airport operation services can use future airline schedules data to improve efficiency and make data-driven planning for future dates.
  • Any other aviation platform: Enthusiasts, developers interested in aviation, students and everyone else that is interested in aviation data can use the API to build personal or academic projects to track future airline timetables. With trial rates and discount opportunities for non-profit and academic projects, the future airline schedule data of Aviyair is an intriguing data source.

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