Future Flight Schedules API

Skyrocket with the data

Aviyair Future Flight Schedules API ensures that you have detailed airline schedules and airport timetables of any future global flight operated across all continents. As you use the API for future flight schedules, you can go forward in time and have future records of departure and arrival times of airplanes being tracked on the airline routes, general airport and airline information that consists of international aviation codes IATA and ICAO, gates and terminals, flight status, as well as luggage information of passengers. The future flight schedules data collected for global commercial flights contains the aircraft’s registration number, its speed and location during each phase of the completion of the airline route, shift in the flight’s status tracked continously in the future; in other words, the flight might be cancelled, delayed, diverted at some point in time.

Uses of Future Flight Schedules API

Lately, many different stakeholders having an interest in flight data subscribe to Aviyair Future Flight Schedules API. It is not surprising as the API for future airline schedules and airport timetables has practical uses visible in the work projects of freelance professionals and businesses. Travel firms and agents use the future flight schedules data to track the future air traffic between airports and check for popular destinations. In this way, they can consult better their end customers. Others use Aviyair Future Flight Schedules API for doing research on the aviation landscape, being able to analyze the driving forces behind the reason why some airport timetables and airline schedules are more preferred to others. Having the future flight schedules data as an in-house database, insurance companies can predict the cost of the flight compensation or the amount of the coverage of other losses.  Overall, the API for future flights schedules data brings up new perspective for the flight data users.


One main data format allows you to get future flight schedules data. Aviyair Future Flight Schedules API is mainly offered as a JSON REST API due to customers’ high demand. However, we also have it in other programming language like Javascript, JQuery, VueJS, Angular, JAVA, PHP, NodeJS, Python, Go, Ruby, C#, R, Strest, Rust, Swift and Scala.