Aviyair Flight Data API

You have reached your flight data destination where global coverage of flight and airport information is provided. Get real-time and historical flight tracking and status data, flight schedules with airline arrival and departure times, IATA and ICAO codes, airline routes and flight delays information.

Flight Tracker and Status API

Flight tracker and status API helps you track any flight operating in real-time. You can request historical flight status information. IATA and ICAO codes, registration number of the aircraft and geographical coordinates are available.

Global Flight Schedules API

Global flight schedules API enables you to have real-time airline schedules and airport timetables. Flight arrival and departure times, airports with their respective IATA and ICAO codes are available.

Historical Flight Schedules API

Historical flight schedules API helps you track the historical flight schedules and airport timetables. General airport and airline information is provided together with international aviation codes.

Flight Delay API

Flight Delay API helps you track the number of flight delays and cancellations for a given airline route. With Flight Delay API you can keep up with the global flight traffic.

Future Flight Schedules API

Future Flight Schedules enables you to track the flight schedule and airport timetable of any future flight operating across continents.  Further airport and airline information is provided.

Airline Routes API

Airline Routes API enables you to get precise data on airline routes between international airports. The airline routes data has a global coverage. Tracking global flight traffic is possible, too.

Airport and City Autocomplete Location API

Airport and City Autocomplete Location API helps you discover if an airport, helicopter or any type of port exists in a city. We maintain a global database of all cities and airports worldwide.

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