Flight Tracker and Status API

Skyrocket with the data

Aviyair Flight Tracker and Status JSON REST API is the right data delivery tool for you to rapidly track flights and their aviation status. The flight data delivered by Aviyair Flight Tracker and Status API includes geographical coordinates like longitude and latitude, altitude at which the airplane flies and the aircraft’s direction, its speed and the flight regular number along with its ICAO code. By using the API for tracking the flight status, you also get specific flight data of each airplane that operates in the sky such as IATA and ICAO airport codes, registration number of each aircraft, airlines IATA and ICAO codes as well as the IATA and ICAO codes about the flight departure and arrival. The flight-and-status flight data ultimately reveals the aircraft status as either departed, arrived, scheduled or en-routed.

The Importance of Flight Tracker and Status API in the Aviation Industry

The aviation industry brings economic and social benefits to different stakeholders starting from government authorities, overseas manufacturers, local and global small and medium-sized businesses, tourists, travel companies and tour operators, insurance companies, developers and certainly air transport industry employees. A big number of these stakeholders use flight tracker and status API by Aviyair to locate both civil and air cargo flights in order to look after their personal and business interests. The civil aviation is the main driver of tourism while the air cargo transportation enables trade growth. Many perishable and light goods are regularly transported from one country to another, which leads to boom in both the local and global trade. In addition, freight transport secures indestructible and reliable supply chains allowing streamlined manufacturing processes to occur due to the fast delivery of equipment and machinery.  Get rapidly flight tracker data via JSON Rest API and access the detailed status information about each international and domestic flight.

Uses of Real-time Flight Data via Aviyair Flight Tracker and Status API

The real-time flight tracker and status data is used by developers to build flight tracking applications and platforms; by data scientists to visualize flight data for their end customers; by tour operators and travel agencies to have constantly up-to-date flight status and airport information to ensure comfortable civil air transportation for travelers.


One main data format allows you to get flight tracker and status data. Aviyair Flight Tracker and Status API is mainly offered as a JSON REST API due to customers’ high demand. However, we also have it in other programming language like Javascript, JQuery, VueJS, Angular, JAVA, PHP, NodeJS, Python, Go, Ruby, C#, R, Strest, Rust, Swift and Scala.