Current Airline Schedules API

Track Airline Schedules in Real-time

The Current Airline Schedules API by Aviyair is your ultimate data source in building airline tracking features. The extensive details the API offers will make sure your clients will find all the necessary information that they are looking for which will make your solution the most preferable one. The current airline schedules data is provided by Aviyair via powerful REST API with JSON structure which aim that our clients can use any programming language they are comfortable with, such as Javascript, JQuery, VueJS, Angular, JAVA, PHP, NodeJS, Python, Go, Ruby, C#, R, Strest, Rust, Swift, Scala and more. Find out the highlights for developers on this page and easily access the data within a minute. Discounted trials available!

How You Can Use the Current Airline Schedules Data for Your Business

Airline schedule information is the backbone of any aviation-related service. Aviyair is here to provide a reliable real-time airline schedules API service that can be integrated into any project that aims to have a powerful, data-driven solution.

  • Travel planning apps and OTA services: Our real-time airline schedule data can be implemented into travel planning apps to track the airline’s current schedule traffic. This includes the status information of the same day’s flights. You can track the scheduled-active-landed-canceled-diverted flight status of an airline.

  • Analyzing airline performance: Especially the delay and cancellation data of airlines can provide insight into an airline’s performance. You can further expand this analysis on a route-by-route basis.

  • Research on the impact of major events on air transportation: In case of a major event on a current day or the following days, real-time airline schedules data can be interesting to track. This can provide insight into the air traffic to the place of the event by the airline.

  • Track airline route popularity: You can analyze route trends and popularity by tracking the data provided by the real-time airline timetables API. See which airlines operate more from or to a certain location and offer solutions to airlines based on this valuable information.

  • Mock-up and academic projects: Are you looking to improve your development skills, build an academic project or simply an aviation enthusiast? Get an API key for your mock-up project to access the real-time Airline Timetables API and start building!

Fetching real-time airline schedule data is possible by filtering complete airport schedule data by the airline. To do so, simply use the obligatory fields to fetch airport schedule data and add the “&airline_IATA=” parameter to the endpoint.

To fetch a specific flight of an airline, add the “&flight_num=” parameter.

The code box includes a single flight’s response via the current Airline Schedules API.

  • Airline: IATA code, ICAO code, name
  • Arrival times: Actual time of arrival runway, arrival time, estimated arrival runway, estimated arrival time, originally scheduled arrival time
  • Baggage: Baggage belt number
  • Delay: Total delay of the flight, measured in minutes
  • Airport: Arrival airport IATA and ICAO codes
  • Gate and terminal: Arrival gate and terminal
  • Departure times: Actual time of departure runway, estimated time of departure, originally scheduled departure time
  • Gate and terminal: Departure gate and terminal
  • Flight details: flight number in IATA and ICAO formats and without the airline code
  • Status: Current flight status
  • Type: Requested airport schedule type 

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