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Flight Data APIs

No, military and governmental flight data are not included as Aviyair offers only public commercial flight data.

Yes, you could track in real time aircraft and airports via the Flight Tracker and Status API.

Yes, you can track the live locations of cargo aircraft.

Unfortunately, we don’t provide any of them. Please, check our APIs carefully before subscribing.

Yes, you can sometimes find flights with the same flight numbers. They are called codeshared flights.

Unfortunately, we don’t offer denied boarding data.

No, you cannot. The API response returns back either an arrival time or a departure time. You should specify if it is a departure or arrival, and point out the airport. Please, keep in mind that you should add the airport IATA code.

Support & Pricing

Aviyair’s subscriptions plans are non-refundable. We advise you to check the date on which your subscription renews. As the subscription renews, you will not get a refund if you want to cancel it. Try to cancel the subscription on time.

You should inform us at at least 7 days before the date on which your subscription renews or you can simply cancel your subscription yourself anytime on your dashboard.

Yes, you can receive a custom offer with a discounted price based on your specific data needs for your project. Please, describe your case and contact us at

You should log in your dashboard where you can check all the invoices accumulated since you started using Aviyair’s API.

Please, communicate your needs and requirements straight away at We will gladly work out your case and offer you a custom plan.

Before asking for our help, please, refer to our documentation page. The technical explanations are straighforward and easy to understand even by professionals without a technical background. However, if it is very difficult for you to manage, we will surely help you.

Suscribe and Receive an API key

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