Flight Delay API

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Aviyair Flight Delay API provides you on time with flight data on airline delays or respective flight cancellations. In real time, you can find out if an air cargo or a passenger flight is delayed due to some sudden obstacles or cancelled because of technical issues with the aircraft. Having this essential information of sudden flight delays or cancellations in advance, you can claim flight delay compensation. By using Aviyair Flight Delay API, you get immediate information about the flight status, if an airplane has landed or the flight has been cancelled, and detailed flight delay data that consists of the originally scheduled time, the estimated time of arrival, the actual time of arrival, estimated runaway and actual runaway of the aircraft. Additional airport and airline data are provided along with flight delays and cancellations.

Key Properties of Flight Delay API

Flight Delay API has undeniable properties worth writing about. The API for flight delays and cancellations is a great tool for examining global air travel and keeping informed about the status of flight traffic. You are empowered to discover aviation patterns occurring with flight delays and cancellations of one or more airlines operating across continents and see which of their airline routes are frequently affected. Connectivity by air transport is the backbone of tourism and trade. Millions of tourists cross borders by air. Accurate and undisrupted flight schedules and timetables ensure a well-functioning tourism value chain. When flights are delayed or cancelled, tour operators and travel agencies find their services downgraded, and their customers utterly disappointed. With Aviyair Flight Delay API, businesses in tourism can prevent disappointment in tourists, and reorganize their logistical operations. Not only tourism is affected by flight delays and cancellations, but also global trade. Multiple sectors of the economy can suffer if businesses do not own flights delay and cancellation data via API. On-time air cargo routes can secure flawless supply chains in manufacturing or simple trade. Do not underestimate the importance of Flight Delay API. It is a cost-efficient input to your business operations.

One main data format allows you to get flight delays and cancellations data. Aviyair Flight Delay API is mainly offered as a JSON REST API due to customers’ high demand. However, we also have it in other programming language like Javascript, JQuery, VueJS, Angular, JAVA, PHP, NodeJS, Python, Go, Ruby, C#, R, Strest, Rust, Swift and Scala.

You can make an API request for any global flight. All you have to do is to use one of the filtering parameters: departure airport IATA or ICAO code, arrival airport IATA or ICAO code, aircraft ICAO code, flight number, airline ICAO or IATA code, flight ICAO or IATA code, flight status or actual/estimated/scheduled departure time.

Once you have selected the correct filtering parameter to make and API call, you get detailed aircraft data, the flight number, IATA and ICAO codes, arrival and departure times and much more flight information.

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