Service Level Agreement

The Service Level Agreement (SLA) covers a guarantee by Aviyair to its clients of a certain standard of service applying to our static data. Read our SLA for the details and conditions.

Server uptime99.6%
Average speed of transfer< 1 second
Support quality metricscall answer < 20 sec
mail answer < 24 hour

The SLA looks at:

SLA variation per account

The SLA is divided into different factors. With certain levels of premium benefitting from the different factors of SLA. The full documentation of the SLA metrics can be found in each SLA section in this document.

Server uptime:

Starter, Standard, Business

Average speed of transfer:

Starter, Standard, Business

Support quality metrics:


a) Server uptime

Our SLA guarantees you an average monthly server uptime of 99.6% of our static data (our current average is 99.98%)

b) Average speed of data transfer

Our SLA guarantees an average speed of data transfer of less than 1 second with the exception of dynamic data or large batches of data which include multiple strings. To identify all the data types within our database, visit our full list of API.

c) Support quality metrics:

E-mail response time:
All our departments guarantee a monthly average email response time of under 24 hours after receiving the email. This applies only to legitimate emails. Any attempt to bypass this metric by sending a large number of emails as spam or duplicate emails will allow us to recalculate and ignore these emails in our metric.

Breach of SLA

In the event that you feel our SLA has been breached, you must contact us at The following information is required when communicating about a breach in SLA: 1) your contact information, 2) information of the breach of SLA and 3) Proof of the breach of SLA.The liability of Aviyair means that we will give data credit for each paid month in which the SLA was not met. The credit will be added to your account within a 30 day period after we have established the validity of the breach.


After the initial information is provided to us, Aviyair is permitted a period of 60 days to investigate the breach and the information provided. We may at any time request further information to help us investigate. You must provide this within a reasonable amount of time. Delay due to missing information will be added on top of the 60 days investigation period.

Limit of liability

To the extent permitted by law, the total liability of Aviyair, and its suppliers and distributors, for any claim under the terms, including for any implied warranties, is limited to the amount you paid us to use the applicable APIs during the months giving rise to the liability. In all cases Aviyair and its suppliers and distributors, will not be liable for any expenses, loss, or damage.