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Aviyair offers businesses in aviation a powerful Historical Flight Delay API. This JSON REST API provides historical flight delay information, globally. The aviation industry is an essential aspect of global transportation for connecting both people and goods. However, one of the main challenges that come with it is flight delays. Flight delay data is crucial to determine passenger rights or compensation for the delivery of goods. Other services such as airport greeting, airport operations, and travel or tour operations will find great use In the historical flight delay data as well.

Past Flight Delay API Use Cases, Ideas and Solutions

The Past Flight Delay API offers a wide range of possibilities and data-oriented solutions for aviation, hospitality, travel, flight compensation, airport services and similar fields. We are always looking forward to hearing ideas from our clients regarding their use-cases. Contact us if you have a unique project in mind and let’s exchange ideas to power it with data!

  • Developers in the aviation sector can build applications using past flight disruption data to provide solutions that alert passengers, airlines or airports with real-time and historical alerts.
  • With the help of the Historical Flight Delay API, airlines can identify routes that are more prone to delays, enabling them to allocate solutions more efficiently and improve operations.
  • Airport operators and ground service providers can also analyze delay history using historical flight delay data to minimize the disruption caused by flight delays.
  • Tourism and travel agencies, rental car companies, hotels, and similar services can plan their operations more efficiently by relying on data. Historical flight delay data is key to analyzing trends and patterns in flight delays.
  • Developers that are keen on improving themselves can build mock-up projects for practice. Historical flight disruption data is perfect to analyze patterns and provide data-powered outcomes.

What You Can Find in the Past Flight Delay Data

When we developed this API, we considered all details in a historical flight delay API a developer would need to build the ultimate flight delay tracking solutions. With its global coverage for all airports in the world except for military and private flights, our past flight delay API includes these details in its response:

  • Airport IATA and ICAO codes
  • Delays
  • Scheduled, estimated and actual departure and arrival times
  • Estimated and actual runway times
  • Airline details (name, IATA and ICAO codes)
  • Flight details (number, IATA and ICAO codes)
  • Codeshared details (if any)

The JSON REST structure of the historical flight delay data makes it convenient to build applications, apps, data-oriented solutions and more, using any programming language that you are comfortable with.

Request inputs allow filtering the flights in the response based on schedule type (departure or arrival), departure or arrival IATA code, flight number, airline and the date of the flight. You can also set a date range that can go up to 7 days if you’d like to fetch bulk schedule data.

Request output has the complete details mentioned above for all flights in the response and looks like this:

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"name":"american airlines"


"name":"qatar airways"

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