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We provide access to our API of taxes IDs. You can download any airline tax code, airline taxes and fees related to aviation. Our Aviation Tax Codes Database contains around 520 different taxes IDs and can be download from the website. It combines the name of the tax together with the tax ID. We’ve gathered this data from authorities in the aviation industry and we will add more tax IDs whenever they become available. This makes sure that our list remains up to date. We have a combination of automatic checks and manual to assure we keep the database as actual as possible. On top of this, our server is online 99.95% of the time and based in a central point in Europe so that you will always have access to the taxes IDs and any of our other data.


How we classify it

For more information about tax identifications, you can consult the IATA report. Just like them, we also maintain a comprehensive list, integrated into our database. As they say  “It is great as a reference tool with respect to the requirements for the collection, filing, ticketing, remitting, interlining of various tickets and airport taxes, airtax, airline passenger tax, airline taxes and fees and other charges.”

Our data comes from civil aviation and taxation authorities as well as airports and airline representatives around the world. To classify things correctly it needs to be understood that there is a difference between tax, charge and fee classifications. While our list maintains the classification of tax ID, there are also charges included in our database. Tax can be seen as having the purpose of raising revenue for the treasury, used for general public purposes and charges are with the purpose of raising revenue for specific facilities or services related to the aviation.

What information do we have per tax ID

Data per tax ID

Regarding tax ID, we provide the IATA charge code list together with the tax name. For further details on the topic, we advise you to look at the IATA website

Headers  Description
Our ID code of Tax database API
Name of Tax subject
IATA code of Tax subject

You can obtain this information by downloading the Aviation tax codes database in excel, csv, sql or in mysql format manually or by subscribing to our API system and connect this to your software.

Example of our database

If more information for development is needed, you can go to the developers’ page.

Why we choose this information

Related to tax ID there is no need for further information. You are aware what the taxes IDs are needed for. It’s not easy to find a collection of all tax IDs so we have taken up the job of maintaining an actual list. Feel that more data should be provided with the tax IDs? Contact us.

How we guarantee the accuracy

Our tax IDs are based on information from sources of the aviation and taxation authorities and manually checked for accuracy. We maintain a direct communication with our sources to assure that the data is accurate.

Method of data collection

We based our data on the IATA report of 2009 and built upon this with more tax IDs as we contacted taxation authorities of various nations, airports, and airlines to expand upon the list. We made the needed adjustments and completed our list. From now we maintain a regular check of the data and update it if changes are noticed.

About our sources

We have gathered the list of tax ID codes, airline ticket codes, airline ticket tax codes, airport tax codes, gst tax code for air ticket, flight tax codes, air tax codes and aviation tax codes from many civil aviation and taxation authorities, as well as airports and airline representatives globally. We maintain connections with these authorities and update the database accordingly to changes.

The different uses of the information for our clients

The use of the tax ID database is obvious. You need a base to build your software on which includes all tax IDs. You can spend weeks gathering all the tax IDs from different sources or you could simply download our list and get everything immediately. On top of this, you will also be sure that the list is constantly maintained and you just have to check for updates on our side instead of maintaining contact with many sources. You could even integrate our API system with your software to get the updates automatically.

Mostly our clients first download the Aviation tax codes database and as they start using other segments of our data, they subscribe to our API. Eventually, they integrate the tax ID API into the rest of their software to create a complete up-to-date ecosystem.

Trust us to be the foundation of your data and make it easier to stay up to date with any changes in the industry.

Example of our APIs and databases

Timetable API Get the airport timetable and stay up to date with departures, delays, cancellations and more.

Flight tracker API Follow the flights live and gather detailed information about the flight itself.

The Nearby API Find cities and airports nearby certain coordinates.

The Autocomplete API As people type parts of a search, our API will give them the correct suggestions.

Routes API Get information about airway routes currently active from airports with departure and arrival data.

On top of this, we have a large database with information about airports, airlines, airplanes, countries, cities, and taxes.

How is our database hosted?

Location of our host

We host our data from the server in Europe. Which is located near our main office. Our host provides us (and you) with excellent data speed and the server uptime is well above industry average.

Our up-time

We guarantee an average uptime of 99.95% or higher which is much better than the industry average. This assures you that you will almost always be connected to our data.

Our Clients

Our company is B2B or B2D (business to device). Most of our clients are developers who need our data for their platforms related to the aviation industry. Think about travel platforms or airlines and airports who wish to stay up to date with all the data. Our solution is very broad and so are our clients. We save a lot of time for your business and make work much easier.

A few examples of our clients you can find here.

How they have used it

The Aviation tax codes database excel csv sql and mysql is mostly downloaded initially because it is static data which does not change much. However, if you are developing a platform which needs to have all the data up to date constantly, you need to subscribe to our API. This will allow you to update your database. We have many clients who do a daily data extraction through our APIs.

Our free/premium setup

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