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Complete aviation database


Subscribe to our full database and receive an updated version (when available) every month. Our Complete aviation database contains information about Airlines, Airports, Airplanes, Cities, Countries, Timezones, and Taxes. Each of these topics has in dept and valuable information. Find a few highlights below.

Airlines: Official name, ICAO and IATA code plus IATA prefix of the airline as well as the airline callsign. We also have detailed information about the airlines such as the type and status of the airline with info about the founding year and which airport is their hub. It even contains the size and age of their fleet of airplanes when available. We also provide their Website, Twitter, and Facebook if we have this information. Airlines entries: 13 000+

Airports: The official name, the IATA code followed with information about the nearby city and country it is based in, such as the name, ISO code and IATA code of the city. It also contains the translation of the airport name. The data about Location of the airport is based on Latitude, Longitude, and GeonameID as well as the timezone and GMT offset. If available we also include the phone number. Airports entries: 10 000+

Airplanes: Based on the registration number, IATA type, and HEX ICAO code. We have information about the product line, the plane model with codes such as Model code, IATA short and long code. Historic data such as the plane’s status and age, rollout date, first flight, delivery date and registration date is also available together with construction, line number, and test registration number. The database also contains info about the plane owner and airline it belongs to such as the IATA and ICAO code of the airline. Finally, we include information about the number and type of seats of the plane as well as the engines and engine types. Airplanes entries: 19 000+

Cities: Starting with the city name and IATA code, followed with information about the country it is based in, such as the name and ISO code. It also includes locational information such as the Latitude, Longitude, Geonames ID and the Timezone plus GMT offset. If available we also have information about the city popularity. Cities entries: 9 000+

Countries: Contains the country name and all its translations and the continent it is on and the capital of the country. We include the country codes such as the 2 digit ISO code, 3 digit ISO code, and Numeric ISO code. Information about the currency such as the name and currency code is also available. Also the phone prefix and FIPS code of the country. Countries entries: 230+

Tax IDs: Database of tax ID code and a short description of the taxes ID. Tax IDs entries: 520+

Timezones: The database of the timezones based on regions and countries. Contains the two digit ISO code, as well as the GMT, offset and DST offset. Timezone regions entries: 400+

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