Cities and Countries Database

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Cities and Countries Database

Subscribe to our Cities and Countries Database and receive an updated version (when available) every month.

Our City Database starts with the city name and IATA code, followed with information about the country it is based in, such as the name and ISO code. It also includes locational information such as the Latitude, Longitude, Geonames ID and the Timezone plus GMT offset. If available we also have information about the city popularity.

Cities entries: 9 000+

Our Country Database contains the country name and all its translations and the continent it is on and the capital of the country. We include the country codes such as the 2 digit ISO code, 3 digit ISO code, and Numeric ISO code. Information about the currency such as the name and currency code is also available. Also the phone prefix and FIPS code of the country.

Countries entries: 230+

We also include the Timezone Database in this product. The database of the timezones based on regions and countries. Contains the two digit ISO code, as well as the GMT, offset and DST offset.

Timezone regions entries: 400+

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