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We’ve developed a nearby service with our API that helps websites like Skyscanner and other cheap fare finders to locate airports nearby certain positions. You can input coordinates of cities or airports and a certain distance range and the response will be the airports and cities in that range plus their distance and detailed information about the targets. Our airport and city data comes from government sources and other aviation authorities as well as airport providers themselves. We host this on our server in Europe which has an uptime of 99.95% making the service always available to you.

What is in our database

How we classify it

The foundation of our nearby service API is the database of airports and the database of cities. Of those endpoints, we have collected detailed information. For example the IATA, ICAO, timezone, related country and other useful information. Of course most importantly for this API, location coordinates of these cities and airports. These are given in latitude and longitude.

What information do we have related to the Nearby service

Data per city and airport

To maintain a focal point with our data we don’t provide all airport and city details with the nearby service. If this is needed though you can use our database of cities and countries as well as the database of airports. Those are also available through the API system so you can integrate further details if needed. You can find the exact list of data which will be given as output with the nearby service below.

Headers  Description
IATA code of City or Airport
Name of City or Airport
Name of Country of City or Airport
ICAO code of City or Airport
IATA code of City
Name of City
2 Digit ISO code of Country
Latitude coordinates of City or Airport
Longitude coordinates of City or Airport
Timezone name
Type of autocomplete
Distance from location


You can use our nearby service API to locate any airports and cities in a given range. This is very useful for aviation software and platforms such as Skyscanner and basically any booking website or application.

Example of our database

Visit the developers’ page to get started with our API.

Why we choose this information

The reason we chose this data given by the nearby service API is that it matches exactly what our clients have requested in the past. It offers useful value points like IATA and ICAO codes which can be used to connect to further data if required.

An example: Say you have a city and want to find nearby airports, our API can do this. The response will be a list of nearby airports and possibly cities also. Let’s say you want more information about the airport. You can get this from the airport database and API which includes more details such as the translations of the airport or contact information and the country it is in. Following up on that, you could obtain detailed information about the country as well.

There is no limit of the amount of data in our API and we’ve decided to segment it in usable formats.

How do we guarantee the accuracy

The data used by our nearby API is based on the cities and airports database which is collected from hundreds of sources. From government to other authority partners in aviation. Our software automatically updates the data constantly and if there is any incorrectness noticed by our software, we are alerted. We maintain direct communications with our sources and will verify the data when needed. This keeps us always on top of the data.

Method of data collection

The way the data is collected – by first creating a base of information. In this case, it’s a gigantic list of airports and cities. Piece by piece we collect further data on these subjects. Starting with ICAO and IATA codes. On top of this foundation, we add the details that make our database so valuable. We constantly build upon our database and increase the amount of information that we provide.
For this API we’ve developed the software built upon these databases to provide you with the fast response on which airports or cities are nearby a given latitude and longitude coordinates.

About our sources

Due to the nature of our broad database, we need information from many sources. Currently, we have in the hundreds of original sources from which we gather information. These can be divided into two types: authoritative sources and other official original sources. The authority sources are government or recognized aviation authorities. We obtain our data only from original sources. Our other non-authoritative sources can be airport or airline companies for example.

We validate each of our sources and do our best to maintain a direct line of communication with them.

The different uses of the information for our clients

The nearby API has obvious uses to help locate cities and airports in a range of certainly given coordinates. Some of our biggest clients are booking websites where one company may use our API for a range of their platforms on websites as well as mobile applications. Surprisingly our API and database were also used in a short movie in a scene where a police investigator used our data to find out where the criminal may have fled to. Not sure if this would be a real-world application but it’s great to see how creative our clients are with the use of our information.

Aside from the nearby API, a lot of our data can be used to build your own in-house database. But it’s advisable to use our API to keep this database updated constantly.

The first step our clients take is to download the complete or individual segments of our database. In this case, you could download the airport and city database first. Once you are happy with the data, you could connect your software to our API.

Example of our APIs and databases

The Autocomplete API completes your search queries automatically with more info

Routes API gather information about active routes around the world

Timetables API see the arrival and departure information from airports all over the world

All our data is accessible through API but you can also download some of our more static data. Have a look at our databases.

How is our database hosted

Location of our host

Our server is in Europe which allows great connection speed around the world. It is a central hub of the internet which allows the speed that our API offers. We’ve partnered with a great host to use our data because they have proven with their long history to be the most reliable partner for us.

Our up-time

Our API guarantees an average uptime of 99.95% which is greatly above the average of the industry. Siteground has been delivering this uptime for many years and we have no doubt that it will continue to be a reliable server.


Our Clients

Booking websites or flight referral websites use our API to suggest to their customers, nearby airports at certain locations. So most of our clients are in this field. Though we also have clients who develop software solutions in aviation. For every API that we offer there are various uses and combinations makes them most powerful. Corporate clients, big booking networks or small start-ups all use various segments of our data to help keep their business actual.

Find some more examples below.

How they have used it

Corporate or public booking platforms use our data to give suggestions to their clients of which airports are nearby a certain location. For routing commercial as well as smaller jets, this can be a great feature. It is also used to create interactive maps which show locations of airports and cities with the distance to them. Our clients are very creative and in turn, we are very accurate which makes us a great match. We provide you with the data, and you find the many uses for it.

A good idea is to initially download our data segment that suits your business. Or if you want, at a discount you can download the entire database. After you are comfortable with our data, and it’s time to develop software, you can connect our API to your database to keep up to date with all the data.

Our free/premium setup


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