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Discover the Historical Airline Schedule API by Aviyair and get inspired to build data-oriented solutions for the aviation sector! With the aviation industry becoming instrumental in shaping modern transportation, airlines operate more extensively than ever. This dynamic role of the airlines makes them subject to constant changes. Historical Airline Schedule Data offered by our API acts as a valuable external data source to provide any sort of solutions that focus on airline operations.

The Historical Airlines Schedules API is a JSON REST API that allows developers in the aviation sector to build solutions using any programming language they are comfortable with. No matter which part of the world you are offering your services to, you will find great use in our past airline schedule data as it is on a global scale. The API is inclusive of both major and global airlines as well as local airlines with smaller fleets or low-cost carriers.

What To Expect from the Past Airline Schedule Data

The Historical Airline Timetables API was set to return to you all the useful details you may expect from a historical airline dataset. The standard output includes a flight-by-flight response of a complete departure or arrival schedule. In other words, you will receive all flights of an airline that depart from or arrival at a certain airport in a single response. It is, of course, possible to filter the response down to a specific flight by its flight number, too. We aimed that the Past Airline Schedule API allows you to build features where your users can fetch the exact outcome they are looking for, easily and efficiently.

Each flight of the airline will include these details in the Historical Airline Timetables API: departure and arrival details of the flight which are the airport IATA and ICAO codes, delay in minutes (if any), scheduled, estimated and actual flight times, runway times, baggage belt number, airline name, IATA and ICAO code, flight details with number and codes and the codeshared details if the flight is operated by a different airline under the same flight number.

To visualize the data in the best way, you can check out an example output for the past airline schedule data in the code box. We realize it is always better to test the data based on the airlines you are the most interested in. This is why we have a trial valid for the first month of the API access. Get your API key at the bottom of this page to start today!

Want to find out more about past airline schedule data? Visit our documentation or ask us if you have any questions in mind!

The API returns full departure or arrival historical airport schedules in a single API call. Add these parameters to the endpoint and get only the flights of a certain airline within a complete airport schedule:


"name":"American Airlines"
"delay": "null",


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