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Aviyair’s Future Airport Schedules API is the ultimate data tool to power up online aviation solutions. Our API provides complete airport schedules based on the future date you request. The data is on a global scale for our clients who are looking to cover different regions. You can easily get an API key today within a minute and start integrating the future airport schedule data using any programming language you want!

Booking and Travel Platforms
Displaying flight options is the number one use case for the Future Airport Timetables API. By integrating it, your website or app can now display all future flights for your clients to pick. By specifying a date and a departure airport, the API will return the complete schedule of that airport. It is possible to filter the schedule by airline, flight number and more.
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Airline and Airport Operations
Airlines and airport services can use the Future Airport Timetables API to gain insight on future airport traffic and increase the efficiency of their operations. Better planning that rely on data.
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Non-profit and Academic Projects
Are you looking to use our future airport timetable data for a mock-up or academic project? Our APIs are perfect to experiment with and sharpen your developing skills if you are interested in a future in the aviation industry. Feel free to get in touch with us for a discounted or free API key opportunity!
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  • Weekday: The day of the week of the requested date, “1” being Monday
  • Departure airport: IATA and ICAO codes
  • Terminal and gate: Most used departure terminal and gate for the flight
  • Departure time: Originally scheduled departure time for the flight
  • Arrival airport: IATA and ICAO codes
  • Terminal and gate: Most used arrival terminal and gate for the flight
  • Aircraft: Model code and format with the manufacturer
  • Airline details: Name, IATA and ICAO code
  • Flight number: Flight number with IATA and ICAO format as well as without airline
  • Codeshared: If the flight is operated by a different airline, codeshared details will appear for this flight.

The future airport schedules data focuses on all the details you would typically see in an airport’s timetable with other useful additions such as the aircraft and codeshared flight details.

View an example 200 OK output example for the future airport timetables data. The JSON REST API structure of the data allows shaping it into your dream project using any programming language like Javascript, JQuery, VueJS, Angular, JAVA, PHP, NodeJS, Python, Go, Ruby, C#, R, Strest, Rust, Swift and Scala. The API was built by developers who are experienced in the aviation industry to make sure you have a smooth experience building user-friendly projects to maximize profit.

Vast query parameters! It is possible to filter the future airport timetable data by using an airline parameter, flight number parameter to fetch a certain flight, and more! Find out all details and possible filters on our documentation.

How Your Business Can Benefit from Our Future Airport Schedules Data

Travel planning websites and apps, online travel agencies, airports, airlines, ground operations, aviation news platforms, flight tracking websites, hospitality and holiday agencies, airline pilots, developers in the aviation industry and more. If your business is any of these or similar, you will find great use in the Future Airport Schedules API. Being designed to include all details you may need for a variety of projects; our API is the ultimate data source to fuel it. Click the button below and start today!

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