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Access to our live flight tracker API provides you with the service of tracking flights around the world. It is really important to get all the information about the airline you track as well as about the route you have chosen. When you decide to track a certain flight, you immediately get the information about its departure and arrival. Also, any cancellation or delay details are available. We enable you to get all of these by using our live aircraft tracker API. We combine the information from different sources in order to make sure all the data is correct, up-to-date and valid. Data is updated both automatically and manually for the best result.

What is in our database

How we classify it

Flight tracker API is the best way to track all the flights throughout the world. The best thing about this API is that it gives you more information about each flight. Some people use it to check the departure or the arrival of a certain aeroplane or to see if there are any changes in the schedule. Live flight status API is the fastest way to make sure whether the plane departed or how long is the delay.

Information we have related to flight tracking

When you are searching for the flight you want to track, you can use different criteria. We gather all the information about each flight, that is why we offer this possibility. You can find your flight using information about the arrival or departure, the name of the airline, flight number, name of the airports (both for departure and arrival) etc.


Data that is included in our flight tracker API is listed here:
– Speed (including vertical and horizontal aircraft speed)
– Geography (meaning location information such as longitude, latitude, altitude and direction)
– Aircraft and flight (IATA and ICAO number of flight, ICAO code and ICAO24 code as well as registration number)
– Departure and arrival (IATA and ICAO code of the departure and arrival location)
– Airline (IATA and ICAO codes of the airline you track)

Headers Description
Location information about Airplane
Latitude coordinates of Airplane
Longitude coordinates of Airplane
Altitude of Airplane
Direction of Airplane
Speed information about Airplane
Horizontal speed of Airplane
Vertical speed of Airplane
Departure information about Airplane
IATA code of departure Airport
ICAO code of departure Airport
Arrival information about Airplane
IATA code of departure Airport
ICAO code of departure Airport
Airplane information
Registration number of Airplane
ICAO code of Airplane
ICAO24 Hex code of Airplane
Airline information
IATA code of Airline
ICAO code of Airline
Flight information
IATA prefix with Flight number
ICAO prefix with Flight number
Number of Flight
System information
Unix time of last update
Discrete squawk transponder code
Current status of flight

How do we guarantee the accuracy?

The accuracy is guaranteed because of the various sources that we use to gather our data. We make sure to combine our sources and to double check the information in order to offer valid data. We have created the partnership with different aviation authorities and we maintain a close relationship with our sources. Multiple sources enable us to track changes and make corrections when needed.

Method of data collection

We collect the data for our flight tracking API through ADS-B systems. Also, we use flight schedules to confirm information about the location or the exact timetables. Additionally, we gather information from different aviation partners and finally combine all of these to make the best tool for our clients.

The data is constantly updated as we check our sources automatically. We created a software that follows and notices any changes in the original source and then applies it in our API. If something happens and sources show a different result, we manually check the problem. This is why we maintain a close relationship with our sources, and we are able to contact them in the shortest period of time.

About our sources

As we mentioned before, we have many different partners and sources from which we receive the data that we need. Our sources are divided into two groups. Original sources that are for example airports, airlines or airplane developers and aviation authority sources from which we obtain IATA or ICAO code information.

Our advantage is maintaining the direct contact with all the sources enabling us to be sure that our data is accurate. We collect the information through our software from a hundred of sources and in this way make a foundation for our flight tracker API.

The different uses of information for our clients

Our clients use the flight tracking API in many different ways. Firstly, they just use it to track flights of their friends or family. Sometimes, they use it to see if the flight is delayed or cancelled since the tracking API offers all the sudden changes that may occur. Booking agencies also use it to track and display all the flights for the routes they offer. We are sure that you are aware why this API is useful for you. For any additional questions or possible usages, you can always contact us and we will be more than happy to help you.

Our Clients

The flight tracking API is certainly mostly used by booking agencies flight tracking platforms. But we cannot forget airports and or some corporate clients who track business flights.
Other examples of the clients who rely on our data are the following:

How have they used it?

The data is available through the flight tracking API (not as a database) because the data is constantly changing. Usually, our clients subscribe to our API and thus they have the access to it and are able to track any changes and get all new information. Clients also use this possibility because they want to implement the data directly into their system. They can use the access to our live flight status API in many different ways and it is up to them to decide which choice is the best.

Example of our APIs and databases

Timetables API – data about departure and arrival time schedules in API
Routes API – offers detailed and up-to-date information about all airport routes around the world
The autocomplete API – gives automatic suggestions in a drop-down menu
Nearby API – helps you find certain cities or airports from given coordinates
If you are interested in all our APIs, you can find more information on our API page.

How is our database hosted?

Location of our host

Our hosting partner is in Europe, it provides with great server uptime and data speed.

Our up-time

We guarantee the up-time which is well above the average. With an uptime of 99.95% for many years in a row, we offer a constant stream of data and our clients can rely on us.

Our free/premium setup

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