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Discover the Historical Airport Schedules API by Aviyair, designed for the pioneers of developers in the aviation sector. This API provides extensive historical airport schedule data, inclusive of all the information you typically see in an airport timetable. With data analysis being the peak point in developing the most powerful solutions for the aviation sector, it is a time and cost-effective solution to depend on a reliable, external aviation data provider.

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Uses of Past Airport Schedules Data

  • Analyze delay and cancellation trends over time: Past airport schedules data can give you the delay and cancellation percentage of an airline or an airport overall.
  • Analyze airline performance and airport traffic: Find out which airlines perform well in terms of delays and cancellations or determine which airports are better choices with their operation quality in ground operations.
  • Find out which routes are in demand and which require improvements in operation: With the use of past airport schedules data, find out which transfer points and routes would be the best choice for your ultimate destination or build data-driven solutions with which your clients can do the same.
  • Research on the impact of major events on air transportation: use the Historical Airport Schedules API to investigate how air travel was affected by major events such as the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Mock-up projects: Have prototype ideas? Build mock-up historical airport schedule data projects to enhance your development skills, for a school project or to sharpen your professional ideas.
  • Travel planning apps: Add features to your travel-related business where your users can see airline or airport traffic and route performance based on historical airport timetables data.

The Historical Airport Timetables API is a JSON REST API to make it easier for developers to use any programming language when building their products. This can be Javascript, JQuery, VueJS, Angular, JAVA, PHP, NodeJS, Python, Go, Ruby, C#, R, Strest, Rust, Swift, Scala and more.

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You can make a query for any airport with the exception of military-purpose airfields and some local airports with very little traffic. If you have any doubts, contact us and we can confirm whether we cover the details and airports you are looking for. Request parameters for the API for Historical Airport Schedules can be schedule type (must be specified as departure or arrival), airport IATA or ICAO code, flight number, airline ICAO or IATA code, or dates on which departure/arrival occurred. You can also request a date range to fetch multiple dates in bulk.

Once you have determined which parameters you want to use to filter the data, you get a JSON response with all the flights that match your query criteria. Each flight in the response has detailed airport timetable information as below.

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