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Discover the Historical Airport Schedules API by Aviyair, designed for the pioneers of developers in the aviation sector. This API provides extensive historical airport schedule data, inclusive of all the information you typically see in an airport timetable. With data analysis being the peak point in developing the most powerful solutions for the aviation sector, it is a time and cost-effective solution to depend on a reliable, external aviation data provider.

Our team is here to support you with any questions you may have about the data along the way. Join today and start building your dream project, powered by Aviyair Historical Airport Timetable Data!

Current Airport Schedules API Most Common Use Cases and Ideas

The single most significant benefit of Aviyair’s Current Airport Schedules API is its ability to provide real-time updates on flight schedules. No matter where your business is based or which regions you are looking to provide your services in, we are here to support you with our global data. The Current Airport Schedules API covers airports in all countries. Start today!

  • Airport operators can use real-time airport schedule data to manage gate assignments and optimize other airport services.
  • Airlines can use the current airport schedules data to both track delays and cancellations of their own flights and competing airlines as well as store this data for future analysis. This way, they can see the patterns in the air traffic for certain routes and make operational decisions powered by data.
  • Airport greeting services and other similar hospitality service providers can track their customers’ flight status in real-time via the Current Airport Timetables API and provide more timely and personalized assistance.
  • By integrating Aviyair’s Current Airport Timetables API into their booking systems, travel companies can provide customers with up-to-date information on flight schedules, making it easier for them to plan their trips and avoid unexpected delays.
  • Aviation enthusiasts can build airport timetable tracking apps using the current airport schedule data. Whether you are looking to make a commercial app or just for fun, our API is here to bring life to your idea.

When making a request to fetch Real-time Airport Timetables Data, 2 fields are obligatory. Airport IATA code and the type of schedule which can be either “departure” or “arrival”.

Once you get your API key within a minute, you may use different parameters to start getting the exact data you are looking for with the help of different filters:

You may use more than 20 different filters to fetch certain flights from the complete schedule. These include flight status, departure or arrival airport, airline, terminal, flight number and much more. Visit our documentation to see all options.

  • Airline details: IATA and ICAO Codes, name
  • Actual times: Actual arrival and departure times and runway times
  • Baggage: Baggage belt number
  • Delay: Total current flight delay, measured in minutes
  • Estimated times: Estimated arrival and runway times based on the current status of the flight
  • Scheduled times: Originally scheduled departure and arrival times
  • Gate: Departure and arrival gates
  • Terminal: Departure and arrival terminals
  • Airport details: IATA and ICAO codes of airports
  • Flight details: Flight number without the airline code, in IATA format and ICAO format
  • Flight status: The current status of the flight such as scheduled, active, landed, cancelled and more
  • Codeshared: Flight details if the flight is codeshared, a.k.a. operated by a different operator
"name":"American Airlines"
"delay": "null",


In case you need to cover all timelines for your project but do not want to rely on different data providers, we got you! We have these exact, extensive airport timetable data available historically and future dates as well, all with global coverage. Access all APIs with the same API key and start building your project today. Visit our documentation for historical and future airport timetables data endpoints.

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