World cities and countries database download

We are providing access to our world cities, country database and API, giving you the ability to download city database mysql, excel and csv for a one year period. Our database is constantly updated through dedicated software, developed for each source and the accuracy is manually checked. We use aviation authority organizations for our source of data as well as other official original data sources based on the list cof ISO recognized countries. Our database is hosted on our servers in Europe and has an uptime of 99.95%. Of each city and country, we collect the city and country data which you could possibly need in the aviation industry.

What is in our database?

How we classify it?

Based on the ISO list and supported by the information from the UN databank. Bringing our list of 239 entries with a focus on the aviation industry.

Our database of every country in the world is based on the ISO and their ISO 3166 standard. These are the codes that represent the names of countries and country-wise list of cities around the world. The database includes the alpha-2 code, the alpha-3 code and the numeric-3 digit code which coincides with the Statistic Division of the UN.  It is possible to purchase the basic list from the ISO website and obtain a stamp but this data is really only limited to these aforementioned codes.  Although they claim to be based on the United Nation’s list of Standard Country or Area Codes they actually include a few more.

The database with information about cities and countries around the world is basically the classification of the Standard Country or Area Codes which are used by the UN for Statistical Use and a few more that have ISO codes.

A better choice of word for this database would have been the Area database or database of all cities in the world but to make it easy we promote our service as database of country info. Every country or area which has an ISO alpha-3 code is included in our database. The initial source of ISO codes with the full definition of their classification can be found on the UN website.

The entire world country database download in excel sql csv format has 239 entries currently. The aim is directed towards the aviation industry and it contains every entry that would be needed for any purpose of our customers.

What information do we have per country and per city?

Data per country

The data we have per country is based on what is used in the aviation and travel industry. We want to avoid flooding our clients with information that is not used. Based on our research and the feedback from our current clients you can find our list below:

The information of our country database can be classified in a certain way. We have the foundation, based on authority websites. This is the country data sheet, ISO Alpha-2, ISO Alpha-3, Numeric-3 ISO. Upon this, we have built the information that is interesting for the aviation industry such as the official translations of the countries and the population. We add to this the geographical information of the capital of each country, urban database and the continent it is based in. Another great feature is the currency name as well as the currency code in our database. This falls under the currency category. Then to complete it we’ve gathered the FIPS code of each country in our database as well as the prefix code of the phone of each country.

Headers  Description
Our ID code of Countries database API
Name of Country
2 Digit ISO code of Country
3 Digit ISO code of Country
Numeric ISO code of Country
Translations of name of Country
Population of Country
Capital city of Country
2 Digit ISO code of Continent of Country
Name of Currency
Code of Currency
FIPS code of a Country
Phone prefix code of Country


Data per city

Regarding the cities, we operate a global city list. Which contains related information such as location, timezones, iata codes, etc. global cities list below. This database is downloadable in excel, csv and sql.

Headers  Description
Our ID code of Cities database API
Name of City
IATA code of City
2 Digit ISO code of Country
Translations of name of City
Latitude coordinates of City
Longitude coordinates of City
Timezone of City
Timezone value in GMT of City
Geoname ID of City


You can collect world cities database in sql csv excel download. Parts of this data is also used in our API services such as the nearby API, the Autocomplete API and the airline and airport routes API.

Example of our database

You can find the full information about how to use our database or API strings on our developers’ page here.

Why we choose this information

We believe that a certain factor of focus within big data is important. It is possible to gather all the data in the world, aggregate it into a massive database but then without focus, you give up on the usability of the data. Data that is not used loses its value completely. This is why we’ve decided to segment our database in this specific way, to best serve the aviation industry. We provide information about countries that are used. If you feel that more information should be added and you have good arguments, please contact us.

How do we guarantee the accuracy?

The accuracy of our database is guaranteed because of the sources we use. We are very selective in our sources and have created partnerships with aviation authorities all across the industry. To guarantee the accuracy, we always confirm the data from multiple original sources.

Method of data collection

Our method makes sure that the data is checked for accuracy automatically as well as manually which allows us to provide up to date and correct information.

We start by building the foundation of our data from authority sources. This includes the different ISO codes, the officially recognized names and translations of cities and countries, timezones, and anything else we gather.

On this foundation, we can expand our database with useful information focussed on the aviation industry. The data comes from authority sources as well as official non-authority sources. We make sure that all sources are original and provide proven and valid information which is used in the aviation industry. They are internationally recognized and used by many industries.

We’ve developed software that goes through these original sources for data and aggregates it into our database. Here we do different methods of comparing the data from these original sources.  If it’s proven that the sources match with each other, we integrate it into our database after a manual check. In case of exceptions or when the data seems off, we contact our partners to clarify and rectify the data.

This method assures that our data is constantly updated and accurate.

About our sources

Authority and original non-authority sources at the core of our data.

Our database is compiled from hundreds of sources. We have classified these into two types of sources; Official authority sources, usually in the aviation industry and unofficial sources and data aggregators such as ourselves.

Official authority sources are, in the case of our country database and world city data, the UN dataunstatISO, and world databank. Aside from these, we use various other authority sources for our country database and world city data.

Non-authority sources are what make our data valuable to the aviation industry, it brings detail to the basic lists. This is where we are unique. We cannot disclose our sources but we can highlight our methods as we’ve written in the previous chapter.

The conclusion is that all our sources are checked for validity and we have good direct relations with all of them.

The different uses of the information for our clients

Our clients are very creative in the reasons for which to use our database. Certainly, you also know what you are going to use it for. In case you need some ideas though, we can explain how we use the database. The data from the country database is used by us as part of the foundation of our APIs in the travel industry.

It can be used as a standalone database that you may need for your software or in case you are one of our clients who needs it for the travel industry, perhaps our API subscriptions are more interesting for you. Here are a few examples of our APIs that make use of this database.

Example of our APIs

The Nearby API. Provides cities and airports that are nearby a certain latitude and longitude input.

The Autocomplete API. This provides a drop-down to clients who are searching for something in a drop-down menu by giving automatic suggestions.

Routes API. This gives up to date information on all airline and airport routes that are active with various detailed information strings.

How is our database hosted

Location of our host

Our database is centrally hosted by our hosting partner in Europe.

Our up-time

We offer an SLA server up-time of 99.95%. This is more than the 99.79% industry standard. More than is achievable by almost any company who decides to host their own data. Making our API even more valuable.

Our Clients

Most of our clients are in our focus group in the aviation industry and we also welcome the occasional client in other industries that want to use our data.

Who do we see as our clients? We think about developers who want to build great platforms for consumers.

Some examples of platforms you can find below.

How they have used it

Our database is being downloaded thousands of times per year and our API is used millions of times per day to help keep data of our clients up to date and serve their consumers. For an example, any client can download different types of data based on need such as world cities csv can be downloaded from our website.

Mostly the databases are used as a onetime download to try build systems or for companies to expand their own database in the industry. However, it is important not to forget that data is fluid and constantly changes. That’s why eventually is good to subscribe to our API services.

Although you have the ability to download the database for the period of one year, it is easier to set up an integration with our API and call for these updates automatically.

Our free/premium setup



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