Autocomplete API of Cities and Airports

The autocomplete API helps you find what you are looking for with partial inputs. You can type only first letters of the term you need and the API gives you all the names containing given letters. This makes your search easier and faster. The autocomplete works by using all databases we have made, related to airports, cities and countries. They are all updated regularly and make sure you find the relevant information quickly. Just implement our API for your clients to quickly find what they are looking for.

What is in our database

How we classify it

The databases we have are made by using multiple sources such as aviation authorities, airports and different partners in aviation. The best thing is that we track any possible change and implement it as quickly as possible.

Information we have for autocomplete API

The autocomplete API works for any search you need on our website. No matter whether you search the airports or cities. You can also use our other APIs for more aviation related searches. You can get the result based on the impartial input.

Data that is included in the autocomplete API

· Location type: city, airport, railway, bus station, heliport, etc.
· Location data: IATA code, ICAO code, name, city, code, country.
· Location coordinates: latitude, longitude, timezone

How we guarantee the accuracy

All our databases are updated both manually and through specially designed software. We make sure that we check the data we offer regularly. Our customers use the information that is up-to-date and double checked.

Method of data collection

We gather the data from different sources. We use airports, aviation authorities and partners in aviation data to collect everything that our customers need.

The different uses of information for our clients

Our clients can use the search option for anything they need, whether it is the airport, or the route, or the city. The autocomplete API works for all of these. You just need to type first letters of the term you are looking for and you will get all the suggestions.

How have they used it?

Autocomplete API works on its own, you just get the benefits from it. Typing the beginning of the term you need enables you to see all data on our website starting with the given letters. You can search the data faster and more effective.

Example of our databases and APIs

Routes API – gives you all the details about the worldwide routes
The nearby API – find cities and airports based on the location you choose
Flight tracker API – offers information about each flight that we cover
Timetables API – gives information about flights’ departure and arrival
For the list of all APIs we offer, visit our page related to APIs.

Our database host

Our database is centrally hosted by our hosting partner in Europe. It provides us with high uptime and constant data speed.

Our up-time

The uptime that we guarantee is 99.95%. It is above the industry average and we have been able to provide it during the longer period of time. This proves that you can rely on our data and your software can use it as its base.

Our free/premium setup


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