Airline and airport timetables API

We provide access to our API of airline and airport timetables. With this, you can find globally all the departure and arrival times of every airport. Constantly updating as best as we can. With it comes a wide range of data from the departure and arrival gate to the airline and flights on the timetable. We’ve collected and aggregated this data from many sources and centralized it in our database. You are able to connect to it using the API key. Most of our system operates automatically after years of development. We also maintain close relations with the individual data providers in case we notice anything that may be incorrect. Our host in Europe has a server uptime of 99.95% which is well above industry averages and makes sure that your connection with the data is always online.

What is in our database?

How we classify it

Airline and airport timetables are basically the schedules of the airport or airline respectively, which indicates, when the flights depart and when they arrive. On top of this, additional information such as the ICAO and IATA code of the airport and airline. Also, the gate and terminal may be given. Of course other useful information such as the delay, scheduled and estimated time as well as real time. There is a lot more information available on the global airports and airlines timetables API and global airports and airlines schedules API. Anything you can imagine that may be useful for your business, we have thought of. You can find the full in a lower segment of this article.

What information do we have related to the timetables

Data per timetable

The global airports and airlines timetables API is one of our most detailed APIs. It contains many data strings, that can be useful for your organization. Although we usually try to reduce the amount of data that we provide per subject, here we feel it is important to merge airport, airline and flight information together to give the full picture. Still, we have made a clear distinction between the timetables and the airway routes API.

Have a look at this list to see if it contains all the information that your business needs.

Headers Description
Type of entry (Arrival or Departure)
Status of Flight
Information about departure
IATA code of departure Airport
ICAO code of departure Airport
Terminal of departure Airport
Gate of departure Airport
Delay of Flight in minutes
Scheduled time of departure
Estimated time of departure
Actual time of departure
Estimated time departure on runway
Actual time departure on runway
Information about arrival
IATA code of arrival Airport
ICAO code of arrival Airport
Terminal of arrival Airport
Gate of arrival Airport
Delay of Flight in minutes
Scheduled time of arrival
Estimated time of arrival
Actual time of arrival
Estimated time arrival on runway
Actual time arrival on runway
Information about Airline
Name of Airline
IATA code of Airline
ICAO code of Airline
Information about Flight
Number of Flight
IATA prefix with Flight number
ICAO prefix with Flight number


Use our airport timetables API to collect this data from every airport around the world, that is available for you. Related to this you may find the flight tracker useful too.

Example of our database

To get started with our API, follow this link to our developers’ page.

Why we choose this information

The type of information we provide with the complete aviation timetables API is well balanced to the requests for data related to timetables. We’ve chosen to make the base of the information about the departure and arrival location, where we include the airport with the IATA and ICAO codes as well as the gate and terminal. As a result, we then put in relation this info with the airline information, which operates on this timetable and the flight that is active on this line.

The point with this is to create a complete picture of the timetable with information of the airport as well as the airline so your customers get exactly what they need. Maybe if more information is needed, feel free to contact us and we can advise you how to mix this API with our other APIs such as airline timetables API, global airports and airlines schedule API, airport schedules API, airline schedules API or API of airline and airport schedules.

How we guarantee the accuracy

The data for our complete aviation timetables API is obtained through official sources. Some examples are government websites and other authority websites in the aviation industry. These are the sources generally used by providers of timetable APIs. On top of this, we also maintain a close relationship with our sources which allows us to quickly anticipate and make the needed corrections. Keeping our data accurate.

Method of data collection

The base of our data is the database of airline and airport timetables we’ve sourced and checked for many years, constantly keeping it actual. Literally, to match this information with the timetable, we use aviation authority sources and government sources as well as information directly from airports and airlines. As a result, we collect the broadest and most accurate data. On top of this, we add information about delays, cancellations, changes and much more.

For the API we’ve developed software which is constantly updating and tracking what happens at the airports around the world. We try as much as possible to gather from multiple original sources and lay those next to each other to choose what is most accurate. And if needed we contact our partners for confirmation.

About our sources

For our API systems, we gather information from hundreds of sources. We’ve developed tailor-made software for most of them. In regards to the airport timetable API, we use mostly airlines, airports and reservation systems but also government websites as mentioned before.

Learn more about the timetable and sources on the Wikipedia page of flight information

The different uses of the information for our clients

The use of a timetable is obvious. It looks great on your website and it’s actually useful for people to track the flights of their family or themselves. See if there is any delay. Most of our customers build apps or platforms. Another example is a taxi company who is our client that used our data such as airline timetables API or API of airline and airport timetables to integrate into their system so their drivers know if there is a delay with the airport pickup.

Others also use it to build a database and track delays over time to see if they can discover interesting patterns. Though we don’t sell historic data anymore, you could start building your own database from our API.

What most of our clients do at first, is to download a segment of our database. For example, you could download the database of airline and airport timetables or database of schedules from our website and follow up with our API system once you feel confident that we have all the information you need. Soon, you will feel comfortable to allow our data to be the base of your company.

Example of our APIs and databases

The Nearby API. Find cities and airports based on a given location.

The Autocomplete API. Find cities and airports using autocomplete.

Routes API. Get info on active flight routes around the world

Aside from the APIs, you will certainly be interested in our other downloads that can be bought separately or as a bundle with discount.

How is our database hosted?

Location of our host

Our host has proven to be a great partner for many years with an incredibly high uptime and constant data speed.

Our up-time

We guarantee an uptime of 99.95%. This is well above industry average and our host has managed to maintain this as an average for many years. In fact, it is safer to host the data on our server than almost any company who hosts it in-house.

Our Clients

The global airports and airlines timetables API is mostly used by booking agencies and flight tracking platforms who also want to display active timetables. In addition, we also have corporate clients who use this to track the business travels to track the timely arrivals. Taxi companies use it as well to integrate the arrival time of airport pick-ups.

A few other examples of clients of our databases and APIs you can find below.

How have they used it?

Our timetables are only accessible through API because the data is constantly changing. However, it is not uncommon that our clients initially download some of our packs such as airlines timetables database, airports timetables database, airlines schedules database or airports schedules database to confirm that this is indeed the data that they want to use for their software. Once this is established you can connect with our complete aviation timetables API along with complete aviation schedules API and implement it into your system. Daily we receive millions of API calls and monthly we have thousands of downloads of our database segments. Usually, the clients will eventually subscribe to the API as this is much easier to work with once implemented in the software.

Our free/premium setup

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