Airport database download and API

World airport database download

We are selling yearly subscriptions to our world airport database. This means you can download it for the period of one year. Another option is to subscribe to our aviation API, giving you full access to all our databases. Each database is updated constantly through software that is separately developed for each data source. The sources we use are aviation authorities as well as data from other official original sources. Our airport database is the most elaborate and complete on the market. We host the database on our Amsterdam servers with an uptime of 99.98%. The airport data contains anything that’s required for our customers within the aviation industry.

What is in our database

How we classify it

TBA *how we classify and determine which airports to add to our list*

What information do we have per airport

Data per airport

We collect and provide the airport data that is useful to the aviation and travel industry. Because we believe big data is most powerful when it has an element of focus to it, we provide only that what will be used, with no distractions. We base this on the feedback from our clients. The list you can find below.

It’s possible to divide our airport database into three segments. We have the information that we gather from authority partners which we classify as the airport information. This includes the official name of all airports, the IATA codes of all airports and ICAO codes of all airports. Also, the official translations of the name of the airport are very useful. Then we have the geographical information which includes the latitude and longitude of all airports as well as the Geonames ID of all airports. The related factors are the third segment which includes time zones, GMT off-set and other related information such as the name of the country and ISO code of country or phone prefix code as well as the information of the city nearby.

Headers  Description
Our ID code of Airport database API
Name of Airport
IATA code of Airport
ICAO code of Airport
Translations of name of Airport
Latitude coordinates of Airport
Longitude coordinates of Airport
Geoname ID related to Airport
Timezone of Airport location
Timezone value in GMT of Airport
Phone number of Airport
Name of Country of Airport
2 Digit ISO code of Country
IATA code of City of Airport

There are two ways to obtain the information. Through download of the Excel/CSV file or through our API subscription which also provides very useful features such as the Nearby API to detect nearby airports and cities, the Autocomplete API which helps with booking sites or the airline and airport routes API to determine which routes are related to the airport.

Example of our database

*image of our database in excel

To learn more, read the full documentation on our databases or APIs on the developers page here.

Why we choose this information

The power of big data is obviously as the name says that it is big and a lot. However, this amount of data has no value if it is not structured. This is why we divide our data into certain focus points. The data comes to its full potential when directed properly and we do this by limiting the data strings to only that what is important in the aviation industry. If you think that we should provide more information, let us know because we do not lack information but simply decided that we want to display the most important data. Contact us with feedback.

How do we guarantee the accuracy

We are able to guarantee the accuracy of our database because of our sources and method. To be sure of our accuracy we always confirm the data with multiple original sources and when our software detects anything that might cause uncertainty about the correctness, we manually check the data and contact our partners who provide the data when needed. We have a close partnership with all sources as well as the aviation authorities.

Method of data collection

Because of our method of data collection, we are sure that the database is checked for accuracy automatically as well as manually. This means that we can provide correct and actual data at any time in full confidence.


Having collected the foundation of information for our database we can build upon this the more detailed information that is used by our clients. We collect this data from hundreds of official original sources and compare these with each other before adding it to our database. We do this with our automatic software which will alert us if there is any type of mismatch or uncertainty. We then check manually and make sure the data is correct.

What our software does is ‘crawling’ the original sources constantly for updates in their data. We then aggregate it into our database. This saves a lot of work for our clients because you don’t have to manually check for updates constantly from all the sources. That is the value of our service, to keep data up to date, accurate and easily accessed by you so that you don’t have to develop software yourself but can rely on us.

This assures that our database is constantly accurate and up to date.

About our sources

Original sources and authority partners form the core of our data.

Because our database consists of hundreds of sources, it is easier to explain the way we use them by dividing the sources into categories. We have the authoritative sources and the other official non-authority sources in the aviation industry (though sometimes we gather data from other industries). The authority sources in the case of the airport database are for example the federate aviation authority websites of individual countries. We go far and wide for this information. From the famous FAA to national authorities of countries as India to Kenya or Tanzania to name a few.

Aside from these, we collect the data from non-authority sources and this is exactly that what makes our data more valuable within the aviation industry. To remain competitive, we cannot disclose the sources though this what brings the unique detail that we provide to aviation.

Each of our sources is validated and with most of them, we maintain a direct line of communication.

TBA *infographics on how we gather the data, check it, host it and share it*

The different uses of the information for our clients

We’ve seen many interesting reasons why people use our airport database. We have even had our data featured in a movie and you can find our website in the credits! Isn’t that great!?

If you need inspiration on how to use the database, we can help with that. The airport information is used by ourselves as well in our APIs. And many websites in the travel industry use this data as well. Some clients just use it as a standalone database or they integrate it into their software. Though the full power of the big data comes to light when you keep it updated which is easiest to do with our API. Have a look at our API subscription model and see if this is interesting for your business.

Our clients are very creative in the reasons for which to use our database. Certainly, you also know what you are going to use it for. In case you need some ideas though, we can explain how we use the database. The data from the country database is used by us as part of the foundation of our APIs in the travel industry.

It can be used as a standalone database that you may need for your software or in case you are one of our clients who needs it for the travel industry, perhaps our API subscriptions are more interesting for you.

*infographic on how to combine our database or just a funny picture of two merging databases*

Example of our APIs

Here are a few examples of our APIs that make use of this database.

The Nearby API. Provides cities and airports that are nearby a certain latitude and longitude input.
*image nearby API.*

The Autocomplete API. This provides a drop-down to clients who are searching for something in a drop-down menu by giving automatic suggestions.
*image Autocomplete API*

Routes API. This gives up to date information on all airline and airport routes that are active with various detailed information strings.
*image airline and airport routes API*

**Add the other APIs**

How is our database hosted

Location of our server

The server and host of our database is based in Amsterdam. This location is perfect for our business because of the incredible connection speed which Amsterdam offers to the world. It is also due to the roots of our organization. Schiphol airport, an iconic hub in aviation is one of the reasons we started this business.

Our up-time

When buying our database or API, we offer an SLA with a server uptime of 99.98% which is above the industry standard of 99.79%. Our unbeatable uptime is just another example of how we provide quality to our customers in every regard. The uptime is higher than that of any company who decides to host the data in-house making the API even more powerful.

Our hosting partner is Sitegound, you can visit their website for more information.

*picture/logo of our database or that of siteground*

Our Clients

As we wrote earlier, most of our clients are within the aviation industry but in reality, anyone could use our information. The most interesting fact is that we were recently featured in a movie with our database for a scene where a developer was working with our data. Most of our direct customers are developers in the aviation industry who want to build a fantastic platform for their consumers.


Some examples of our customers:

Price compare platforms
Booking agencies
Destination marketers
Corporate booking platforms
Tour operatorsTransport
Cargo transportersInsurance
Late and delay statistics
Civil aviation authorities
Air navigation service providers
Airspace managementMetadata
Intelligence and statistics
Trend mapping

how they have used it

Our clients use the database for countless reasons, it is being downloaded thousands of times per year and our API has millions of queries per day. This makes us a key player in assuring that our clients have up to date information. Our customers truly depend on our information and this is what thrives us to bring perfection.

The use of the database is often the first step to our partnership, our clients use it to build their back-end systems with industry data. Though they quickly realize that our data is constantly updated and most suited to be accessed through a subscription to our API tool.


When subscribing to our airline database, you have a year subscription to download it as often as needed and if you wish to migrate to an API connection with our broad range of data, we will support you through this transition.

*logos of a few clients*

Our free/premium setup

how do we handle it for country database

*picture of our premium setup*

What is a country