Airplane database download and API

World airplane database download

You can buy the subscription to our airplane database which allows you to download it as often as you need for one year. We will constantly keep the database up to date. We also have an API system which you could subscribe to if you need more information or if you don’t want to manually download every time. We keep the database updated with our software which we developed to scan every source of our data. For this, we have set up dedicated programs for every data source. All of our sources are either authority websites (usually aviation authorities) or other internationally recognized sources. The airplane list is constantly updated and accurate. Our office is based in Amsterdam and so is our server which helps a lot to guarantee fast data transfer. Our server has an uptime of 99.98%. We collect the airplanes with all the detailed information you could possibly need.

What is in our database

How we classify it

TBA *how we classify and determine which airports to add to our list*

What information do we have per airplane

Data per airplane

Our focus with airplane data is mostly on the travel industry. Think about booking websites where you need to know how many seats a plane has of which type for example. Though aside from this we show also the history of the airplane such as the first flight, rollout date and more. To conclude which information is useful for our clients, we’ve done initial market research and expanded upon that with the feedback from our existing customers.
The data of the plane can be divided into different groups.

First of all the identification of the plane: This contains information like the registration number, the name of the production line, the IATA code, and model code. Also the ICAO 24 hex code, the IATA short and long code and construction number of the airplane. Even the number of test registration of airplane is included so that the airplane can be fully identified and all the airplane data is complete.

Second is the historical data of the plane such as the date of the rollout and first flight of the airplane. The date of delivery and the date of registration is also included in our database.

The third is the information about the airplane owner. Our database has data about the airline that the plane belongs to and the IATA code of that airline.

Fourth and last we provide information about the plane itself, how many engines, which type of engines, type of seats, how many first class, how many beds. Aside from this, we have much more information about the angle and size of the seats for example.

Find the full list of the data strings that we have in our airplane database below.

Headers  Description
Our ID code of Airplane database API
Registration number of Airplane
Name of Airplane production line
IATA typecode of Airplane
Production model of Airplane
Model code of Airplane
ICAO24 Hex code of Airplane
IATA code short of Airplane
IATA code long of Airplane
Construction number of Airplane
Number of test registration of Airplane
Date of Rollout of Airplane
Date of first flight of Airplane
Date of Delivery of Airplane
Date of Registration of Airplane
Production line number
Airplane series
IATA code of Airline
ICAO code of Airline
Owner of Airplane
Amount of engines of Airplane
Type of engines of Airplane
Age of Airplane
Status of Airplane
TBA (class)

You can download the database with the yearly subscription or you can subscribe to our API. Either way, the database is available to you and will constantly be up to date. The download is in Excel/CSV format and the API is in REST JSON format. In case you are interested in the API, follow this link to read more (LINK). If you want to read about our specific features of the API, follow one of these links: Nearby API, Autocomplete API, Airline and Airport routes API, timetable API, etc etc (ADD LINKS FOR ALL)

Example of our database

*image of our database in excel

Get the full documentation about the database on our page for developers here.

Why we choose this information

With airplanes, we decided that more information is better than less information because it is hard to identify the exact needs of our customers. However, we do have a focus point with the data. Because too much data will clutter and distract from the purpose for which it is needed. Data without focus has little value. This is why we’ve segmented our data into the different sections. If you do need the full data you can always subscribe to our API. If you feel more information is needed or we are missing something specific, contact us (LINK) and let’s talk about it.

How do we guarantee the accuracy

Because of the way we approach our sources and data processing, we are confident to give a guarantee in the accuracy of our databases. First of all, we gather the data from authority sources and multiple official original sources. Secondly, our system validates each new data by comparing it with multiple sources and if there is any doubt, our quality assurance team is alerted and will manually check the data. We have a direct line of contact with most of our partners in the sector. This way we are sure that we provide you with the latest and most accurate data.

Method of data collection

Thanks to our method of data gathering we know that we are able to provide our data with complete accuracy. Our software is developed to compare multiple original sources and our team does a manual accuracy check whenever this is needed.


We initially build a database foundation based on information from aviation authority sources. On top of this, we gather information from other internationally recognized aviation sources. There are hundreds of possible sources where we pull data from, our software then checks the validity before we add it to our database.

Our software is developed specifically to gather data from different sources, this means we have written hundreds of different programs to gather data from all of our sources. It is constantly ‘crawling’ the data providers to check for updates and aggregates this in our database. The value of our business is that we take away the workload from our clients who don’t have to build their own data collection system. On top of this, because this is our focus, we are more accurate than any software developed in-house. Due to our ability to provide this information to many clients all over the world, it is also financially very favorable for our clients.

About our sources

Original sources and authority partners form the core of our data.
We have hundreds of partners from which we obtain data. Our sources are classified in two groups, the aviation authority sources (such as IATA, FAA or national aviation authorities) and the official original sources as we call them (for example airplane developers like Boeing). We maintain direct contact with most of our sources which helps us understand the data and to be sure of the accuracy.

The best authority source related to airplanes is the FAA Aircraft directory(LINK to FAA). For further data about the airplanes, we contact the aircraft manufacturers directly such as Airbus (LINK or for example Tupolev (LINK

We validate all of our sources and maintain direct communication with as many as possible.

TBA *infographics on how we gather the data, check it, host it and share it*


The different uses of the information for our clients

The uses of the airplane database are quite broad, there are many reasons why our customers use this database. For some it can be used as additional information for their flight tracking platform, it’s also interesting for aircraft spotting applications where people request additional information about the airplanes they have spotted. Booking platforms also use our service to accurately display to their clients, what they are offering in regards to seats or beds and their sizes. Even virtual airlines use our data for their platforms.

For some clients it’s enough to have just the database for one year and download and update their platform manually, others choose to use our API subscription (LINK) to get automatically updated and use our API services. Have a look to see if this is perhaps interesting for your business. Certainly, you know best what it is that you need the database for but hopefully, this gives an insight into the many options for what our database can be used.

*infographic on how to combine our database or just a funny picture of two merging databases*

Example of our APIs

In case you are interested in the API subscription, have a look at our API page (LINK) or read further about the services that we provide with our API.

The Nearby API. Helps you to automatically detect nearby airports or cities from certain coordinates.

*image nearby API.*

The Autocomplete API. Automatically give suggestions to your clients in drop-down menus.

*image Autocomplete API*

Routes API. Find all current active routes of all airports around the world at any time.

*image airline and airport routes API*

**Add the other APIs**

How is our database hosted

Location of our server

We host our database in Amsterdam on the server of our hosting partner of Siteground. They are a long-standing web service provider with a great history. On top of this, it is great that their server is in Amsterdam because it’s centrally located in the world and not far from where we are based.

Our up-time

To guarantee our quality we have set up an SLA which we uphold and part of that is our server uptime. We aim to have an uptime of 99.98% and this has been the average for our host for many years. It is well above industry standards of 99.79%. This is very important to us because our clients expect a constant stream of data and thanks to our host, we can provide that.

*picture/logo of our database or that of siteground*

Our Clients

Our clients are in the aviation industry and this is what we focus on though at times we have other types of industries that are interested in part of our data. It usually starts with a developer finding our website and the service we offer, they compare it with other services and propose our solution to their decision makers.

We can give a few more examples of customers we work with.

Price compare platforms
Booking agencies
Destination marketers
Corporate booking platforms
Tour operatorsTransport
Cargo transportersInsurance
Late and delay statistics
Civil aviation authorities
Air navigation service providers
Airspace managementMetadata
Intelligence and statistics
Trend mapping

How they have used it

Usually, our customers initially buy the specific database that they need or the trial version of the API and this builds to become a long-lasting partnership where we take the role of data supplier for their platform and for their customers to use. Our databases are being downloaded thousands of times per year and the API has millions of calls per day even. We thrive in the support position and you provide excellence to your clients. If you enjoyed this database, have a look at our API system(LINK) as well.

*logos of a few clients*

Our free/premium setup

how do we handle it for airplane database

*picture of our premium setup*