Airline database download and API

World airline database download

Our airline database gives you a yearly subscription to download our airline data as often as needed. What we do is to make sure that our database is constantly updated and accurate. Aside from the downloadable database, we also have an API system to which you can subscribe, giving you access to all our databases directly. You can then connect and get an updated version of any data string, at any time. Over the course of many years, we’ve developed stand-alone software for each data source, ‘crawling’ the websites or platforms for new information and aggregating this into our database. Our sources are either aviation authorities or other business authorities for our core data and we use official original sources such as the airline companies directly to add more details to this. The airline data is constantly updated with new information as we collect it. We have developed an automatic system for this which checks the data for accuracy. Whenever there is any doubt about the correctness of the data, we check this manually. We have direct contact with most airlines. Our database is hosted on the servers in Amsterdam, not far from our office. It has an uptime of 99.98% which is well above industry standards. This will assure you that our database is always accessible.

What is in our database

How we classify it

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What information do we have per airline

Data per airline

With our airline database, we want to offer more than the basic information so we’ve gone deeper when building our database and included benchmark features as well as administrative features. Just as with our other data segments, it is important to us here as well that we provide only the information that is needed by our clients and don’t clutter them with unfocused data.

The database can be segmented into 3 different elements, the identification data, the benchmark data and company information.

The identification data contains the official name of the airlines, the IATA code, and IATA prefix accounting code. We also have the ICAO code and callsign in our database. For benchmarking purpose we provide the Type of airline, the founding date and which airport they use as their hub. We also have information about the average age of the fleet of airline and the current size of the fleet of the airline. Other useful information we have is the country name and country code of the airline.

Regarding the company information, when possible, we try to provide the website, facebook and twitter feed of the airlines.

Below, you can find the complete list of our data of airlines that we provide with this database.

Headers  Description
Our ID code of Airline Benchmark database API
Official name of Airline
IATA code of Airline
ICAO Code of the Airline
The name of Country of Airline
2 Digit ISO code of Country
Current status of the Airline
Type of Airline
Founding year of the Airline
The average age of the fleet of Airline
Current size of the fleet of Airline
Website of Airline
Twitter feed of Airline
Facebook page of Airline

You can choose to subscribe to this database if it contains all the information that you need or you can sign up for our API which gives you access to our entire database. No matter what, we will assure that the date is up to date and accurate. The API is in REST JSON format and the database download is in Excel/CSV.

If you’d like to read more about our other databases, click here(LINK TO GENERAL DATABASE PAGE new). Or for information about our API system, click here. If you wish to know more about what our API can do for you, click on one of the below links:

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Airline and Airport routes API (LINK)

Timetable API (LINK)

Other (LINK)

Other (LINK)

Example of our database

*image of our database in excel

Come to our developer page to read the details about our software, click here.

Why we choose this information

Regarding our airline database, we realize that most of our customers use the administrative information most and that there is a certain demand for benchmarking information as well. We provide to both of these demands in full detail and to add to that we’ve also provided data that helps you take a deeper step into understanding the airlines. For this, we’ve added their website and social media outlets when available. Want to see more data added? Let us by contacting(LINK) us.

How do we guarantee the accuracy

We have developed a system of validity checks which has a combination of automatic checks and manual control. Our data is collected from multiple official original sources and authority partners in the aviation industry. This allows us to guarantee the accuracy of our data. Our system constantly gathers new information and checks this with our other sources. Whenever there is any doubt about incorrectness, our quality team is alerted who will do a manual check of the data. If needed we have a direct contact with most of the data providers in the aviation industry.

Method of data collection

Our data collection system is developed to gather information constantly and automatically and our accuracy is ensured by the manual checks of our quality assurance team.


When developing or expanding our database we go through two steps. First, we build a base for our database, the foundation. We set this up by using data from authority partners in the aviation industry. From this, we already gather a lot of information that our clients can use. The second step is that we build upon this database with more detailed information. We developed software to gather information directly from the airlines and other official original data sources.

To be sure of the accuracy of the data we have created a system that checks the data for validity. Our software compares multiple sources and if there is any irregularity our quality assurance team will manually check the data. On top of this, we have direct contact with our sources and we contact them directly for updates when needed.

This setup that we’ve developed over the course of many years is what makes us now the central point of aviation data in the world at a very affordable price. As we get more clients, our product becomes more affordable. We save our clients a lot of work of developing their own software of for data collection. Additionally, the quality can be assured because we are governed by all of our clients and if one detects anything that is incorrect, we will know and adjust this immediately.

About our sources

Our data comes from authority and original non-authority sources at the core of our data.

To maintain a detailed database of airlines with big data we gather information from hundreds of sources (LINK to ??). We build our initial database with information from aviation authority sources. Upon this, we build the detailed information. There are different types of sources we use, though, in the case of airlines, we get most of our information directly from the airlines. Some examples are big traditional airlines such as Delta Air Lines (LINK) or newer, smaller and more local such as TUI Airlines Netherlands (LINK)

We have direct contact with most of our sources and our quality assurance team contacts them often to verify data or to complete missing information.

*TBA *infographics on how we gather the data, check it, host it and share it*


The different uses of the information for our clients

The airline database is often used for companies to create a benchmark report of the airlines around the world and it is a good basis of data for many other applications. We have customers that use our data in mobile phone applications and for virtual airlines to imitate the real world in a digital platform. It is also great in combination with the airline routes API and the airport database to be able to give information about the airlines and the routes they fly from which airport. Booking websites use our database to give their customers additional insight into the airline they are flying with. Another benefit is that our database is complete and up to date. Most of our customers simply choose to download our database because of that, saving them many hours every month of making sure their database is actual.

For the clients who need information to be constantly up to date, it is a great choice to subscribe to our API system so that you can automatically receive updated data every day.

*infographic on how to combine our database or just a funny picture of two merging databases*

Example of our APIs

If you are indeed interested in keeping your information up to date, try to subscribe to our API system (LINK). Read below for further information of the specific features that we offer.

The Nearby API. Detect airports and cities nearby coordinate that you put in or nearby other cities and airports. Useful for booking websites and route planners.

*image nearby API.*

The Autocomplete API. Helps booking websites, route planners, and corporate platforms to autocomplete drop-down fields.

*image Autocomplete API*

Routes API. Keep an eye on the active routes that are currently available.

*image airline and airport routes API*

**Add the other APIs**

How is our database hosted

Location of our server

We started this business in Amsterdam near Schiphol and it is only matching that our servers are also in Amsterdam. This is part of the reason why we are happy to partner with Siteground who is our web service provider. They are a fantastic company with a great history and the fact that the location matches so well with us only makes it better.

Our up-time

Our host manages an uptime of 99.98% which is a great feat to accomplish and we are proud to be in partnership with them regarding our data hosting. The industry standard is 99.79% meaning they exceed this by quite a big factor. With everything we do, the customer is in our thoughts and aside from accuracy and the data being up to date, having constant access to our database is another key pillar for us.

*picture/logo of our database or that of siteground*

Our Clients

Usually, the first people of a company to reach us are the developers. It often happens that they are tasked with building a program for their clients and they need a database for that. It is always great to see that people who come across our services realize how much easier it is to use our data rather than building the software and data collection from scratch.

Here you can find a few more types of our customers

Price compare platforms
Booking agencies
Destination marketers
Corporate booking platforms
Tour operatorsTransport
Cargo transportersInsurance
Late and delay statistics
Civil aviation authorities
Air navigation service providers
Airspace managementMetadata
Intelligence and statistics
Trend mapping

how they have used it3

After purchasing the database, you have a year subscription to the database in this specific category. If you later decide to upgrade to other databases or if you feel that our API tool(LINK) is a better match for you, we can organize this. Those are usually the steps our customers take, they start with a database and later move on to the API setup. Or they start with an API trial and continue with that. Our API system is receiving millions of calls a day and the database is also downloaded thousands of times per year.

*logos of a few clients*

Our free/premium setup

how do we handle it for country database

*picture of our premium setup*